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Aug 172011

As we all know, the Android is similar to JavaME because both runs on Java platform . However instead of executing the classfiles, Android add the extra step of converting the Java bytecode into alternative instruction set used by (into *.dex) Dalvik Virtual Machine, which makes it unable to run Java classfile (*.jar) normally used by JavaME.

Luckily, some brave soul has provided phoneME implementation for Android, which in turn enable users to execute Java MIDlet in Android. phoneME for Android can be downloaded from its website: http://davy.preuveneers.be/phoneme/?q=node/10#android

phoneme screenshot phoneme screenshot phoneme screenshot

What you need to do is to download phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP or phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution (240×320). The midlet manager provided with the distribution requires OpenIntents File Manager, which is used to browse for midlet *.jad or *.jar file.

So far, almost all core MIDP 2.0 functionality is available from the phoneME *.apk. The only incompatibilities arises from midlets that use optional JSR, which usually causes midlet manager to crash.

Sep 092009

I’m sure at some point you may have come across this problem where you need to rid every contact information that are stored inside your Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) device. The problem is, Windows Mobile address book/contact list does not allow you to delete multiple contact at the same time. That would leave you with only one choice, to delete the contact detail one by one, which is a hardly productive work for your time.

Pocket PC generic

Fortunately, there’s ClearContacts, a small application that loop through your contact list and deletes contact information at the same time. This would eliminate the hassle that you’ve to go through when clearing your Pocket PC device from unwanted contact. Just copy/sync the ClearContacts into your device, and execute it. A dialog will appear to confirm your action, before all your contact list will be cleared.

ClearContacts requires Windows Mobile devices with at least Microsoft .Net Compact Framework 1.1 installed (don’t worry, most modern devices already have this.

Mar 042009

Great news for JavaME developers! The J2ME Polish project has announced that their upcoming j2mepolish 2.1 toolkit suite will support porting JavaME apps to Google Android mobile platform automatically! This means that the current JavaME developers will enjoy the advantages of porting their existing mobile application to Android effortlessly.

Android Logo

According to their press release, the next j2mepolish release will focus on automating the process of converting JavaME MIDlets to iPhone application.

J2ME Polish 2.1: Android support?

Android Logo

Currently I’ve yet to see how a ported JavaME application would look like on an Android mobile phone, but hopefully it would be as good as the ordinary Google Android app. At this time of this writing, J2ME Polish 2.1 is only available as a preview release which can be downloaded from J2ME Polish website.

I’ll update this blog about this feature once J2ME Polish 2.1 has been released.

p/s: I’m Eager to know how a JavaME app will look like once its ported to Android.

Feb 082009

Finally after spending a couple months working on this on and off personal project, I decided to release the final version of Kirodict – a lightweight mobile dictionary.

As it name implies, Kirodict was designed to be small in size while maintaining its functionality as a fully fledge dictionary for mobile and embedded device. Kirodict acts as a front-end to an RFC2229 (dict.org) compatible server which it obtain the word definition from.

Kirodict - compact mobile dictionary

Its small and compact size as well as its portability makes it an attractive application to be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. Kirodict requires mobile phones with at least these feature :

  • MIDP 2.0 /CLDC 1.0 compatible phones
  • 128kB of free storage space
  • Phone with network connection (3G, GPRS, Wifi, wimax)

With lower requirements, it can be installed on a lower end phone without much problem. Kirodict does not use additional storage space as it does not cache its results.

Kirodict can be downloaded from Kirodict Google Code project website and it is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0

Jan 312009

Primosync Google Calendar

This week, I’ve tried Primosync, a JavaME application which allows you to synchronize your Calendar, Events and activities with Google Calendar.

Primosync is compatible with mobile phone which supports JavaME JSR-75 PIM API, a feature that becoming common in latest modern phones.

Advantages of syncing phone calendar with Google Calendar :

  • You will be able to access your event, activities and reminders anywhere with internet connection
  • Your events and reminder will be more portable across various phone models as you can sync it with Google Calendar to update your Calendar
  • Easier to keep track of your reminder and events
  • As a backup measure in case if your mobile phone is stolen or lost

You can download it from Primosync Google Code project website (yes it is open source!) or from Primosync.mobi download site (mobile phone friendly). Available in 3 versions (Blackberry, JavaME Signed, JavaME Unsigned), for some reasons, I was unable to install the Signed version of Primosync in my E71. So I figure the Unsigned version might work in more phones.

So lets start syncing!

Jun 272008

Great news for those who are using Skype to get connected with their contacts, now they can do so while on the move with the free Skype mobile client.

The mobile client offers chat feature as well as receiving calls from Skype contacts. However airtime charge may incur for receiving voice call, depending on the subscribers’ data plan.

The main advantage of this J2ME client is portability across a wide-range of mobile devices which implements MIDP 2.0. Although the Skype Mobile website lists only handful of supported device, in reality Mobile Skype is supported on a lot more devices.

Disadvantages include its inability to send SMS to your contacts and the inability to make voice calls. However in my opinion, the free Mobile Skype does its best considering it is written for mobile devices with limited capabilities.

You can download Skype Mobile from this website : http://mobiledownload.skype.com/

With little creativity on java jad file, you can install Mobile Skype on any MIDP 2.0 supported device without much trouble

Sep 282007
open source j2me currency converter

Foxrate mobile is a currency converter application for mobile devices. It is a relatively small application which supports converting from/to 35 different currencies used around the world.

Foxrate lifts you from the burden of updating currency rate by automatically retrieving latest currency information from remote server. The best part about foxrate is — it is available for free and open source!

Download Foxrate Mobile Currency Converter
Foxrate can downloaded from- Google Code’s Foxrate page and Getjar.com

Sep 152007

Great news to all Dopod Pocket PC owners! HTC now offers a free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade to those who previously bought Windows Mobile 5 Dopod devices, which includes me!


To upgrade, simply go to the Dopod website, select your appropriate country and click “Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 Now!”. You will need to download ActiveSync 4.5 to install WM6 on your Dopod device however.

Please note that you are required to register as Dopod Club Members before you can proceed with the downloads.


Supported Dopod Device
The supported Dopod device for the upgrade are

  • Dopod D810
  • Dopod U1000
  • Dopod P800W
  • Dopod 838Pro

A Word of Warning
Do remember that upgrading firmware is a risky procedure! You might end up with an expensive paperweight should the upgrade procedure fails, refer to the nearest Authorized HTC Care center near you for assistance.

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Sep 102007

Although not required, It is nice to include icon in your MIDlet distribution as it give a unique feeling to your mobile application. The only problem is different device seems to have different icon sizes requirements for tJ2ME MIDlet.

The Ideal Icon size guidelines for different mobile device
Here is the icon size guideline for different devices


  • Series 40 – 128×160=24×24, 208×208=46×46, 240×320=46×48
  • S60 1st and 2nd – 176×208=42×29, 352×416=76×76
  • S60 3rd – 176×208=31×31, 208×176=37×37, 352×416=76×76, 240×320=53×53/55×55, 320×240=52×52/54×54, 208×208=37×37
  • N90/N95 : 84×58

Samsung & Sony Ericsson
Most Samsung phone accept 16×16, 32×32 icon size

15×15, 16×16, 32×32

Most phone seems to accept 8bit-depth color for MIDlet icons, except Nokia S60 3rd edition which seems display 24bit icon quite well.

Note that most of this figure are based on experiments and observation on different phone models.

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Sep 092007

SymSMB is a cool Symbian S60 3rd edition application that allows you to access Microsoft Windows file-sharing network without any additional software or hardware on the computer. After installation, your phone will be able to communicate with Microsoft Windows computer that enables file-sharing and you can begin to exchange files almost immediately.

Symbian SMB

Advantages of SymSMB
Unlike Bluetooth, SymSMB allows you to transfer files to/from computer without additional software/hardware. All you need is a WiFi connection and you are able to connect to *ALL* computer that enables Windows file sharing.

Another advantage is, SymSMB is significantly faster than Bluetooth connection which often relies on bluetooth receiver/dongle and additional software on the host computer.

Supported by all Symbian S60 3rd edition phone, SymSMB is indeed a must have application for your mobile phone, best of all it is FREE.

Simplify your file sharing experience, download SymSMB 2.0 now.


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