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J2ME Google Talk for Mobile Phones » Mobile Programming Pit Stop
Sep 202006

Hi again, now I want to introduce you to free Google Talk clients for Mobile Phone that supports J2ME

1. GTMobile

GTMobile is relatively new Google Talk client developed for J2ME devices. It requires CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 support. It’s very simple and straight forward to use, although doesn’t offer much option to configure. I tried GTMobile, quite satisfactory, although you might get disconnected after few minutes using it.

GTMobile is available via SVN, from it’s project website : http://code.google.com/p/gtmobile

2. MGTalk

By far the most impressive Google talk client for mobile phone that I tested so far, it is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. MGtalk requires MIDP 2.0 phone to run. Supports wide option of logging in, as well as status text, changing host, SSL login option and its nice beeping sound.

The latest release MGtalk 0.2.2 (at the time of this writing) supports alternative google talk authentication for client that does not support SSL login.

One nice additional feature of MGtalk is that it notifies you whenever you receive new mails in your GMail account and allows you to read excerpts from it.

MGtalk can be downloaded from its project website : http://mgtalk.sourceforge.net

3. GoTalkMobile

Taking a slightly commercial approach than the previously featured client, GoTalkMobile is another mobile phone Google Talk client which boast its functionality over mobile phones. Available for free under proprietery license, GoTalkMobile is as good as its other counterpart in its own right.

Though technically GoTalkMobile is a portable J2ME application, its developers take the extra time to organise the download into specific phone model so that each are modified to suit the quirks of a particular mobile phone.

Upcoming release will have GMail support, chat history support and User ban option.

GoTalkMobile is available at : http://www.gotalkmobile.com/

Personal opinion

I think in my personal opinion, i think MGtalk is the best Google Talk client for mobile phone that i ever use. It is simple, straight forward and it support multiple Google Talk account. Moreover, MGTalk supports a wide range of customisation and option for login in to Google Talk and supports GMail integration long before other clients did.

Please send your encouragement and support to vorobev at gmail dot com, the author of MGtalk, to motivate him into improving MGtalk :)

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  1. is relatively new Google Talk client developed for J2ME devices. It requires CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0 support. It’s very simple and straight forward to use, although doesn’t offer much option to configure. I tried GTMobile, quite satisfa… 0 pong [IMG Direct link]

  2. Thanks for the really great article. I am new to your blog and I like what I see. I am looking forward to your future posts.

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  5. I tried MGTalk and I think its great, I like the notification feature for gmail users. But I think ill stay with my Movamail http://movamail.com/ and add MGTalk to my collection

  6. I still dont get how to install the program on my phone. I have a SE c905i. Could someone help out

  7. would you recomend the evo or the iphone 4? i cant decide.

  8. I can’t believe just how sophisticated 3-d technology is becoming latley. Rather soon they are putting out 3d cellphones and the 3ds handheld could be interesting. Nonetheless i feel that its somewhat gimmicky. Any thoughts?

  9. Harry potter has ruined my life lol. Ive been glued to my bedroom reading the books for the last few weeks. i seriously cannot wait for the new movie be released in theaters. should be amazing.

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