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Install J2ME / JavaME Midlet Manager in Pocket PC PDA » Mobile Programming Pit Stop
Jun 072007

You got to love this, some dude (risidoro) has created Intent Midlet Manager Installer for Pocket PC! Which means that you can now install and run J2ME/JavaME application on your Windows Mobile devices for free!

Windows Mobile Intent Midlet Manager features

  • Support MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.0
  • JWTI 1.0 Compliant
  • JSR 120 WMA – Wireless Messaging
  • JSR 135 MMAPI – Mobile Media
  • JSR 82 Java APIs for Bluetooth

This Midlet Manager has been included in any HTC manufactured Windows Mobile PDA product (including Dopod PDAs)

The new Intent Midlet Manager ( is able to support Google Maps via Google Mobile Maps client, something that isn’t supported by previous release of Intent Midlet Manager.

Where Can I Download it?
You can download it from :

Please refer to Risidoro’s Forum thread for installation instructions in your Windows Mobile PDA. Alternatively you can buy IBM Websphere J2ME Runtime Environment to install/run midlet for your Pocket PC PDA

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  1. Install J2ME / JavaME Midlet Manager in Pocket PC PDA JavaME Mobile Port Scanner Midlet jmIRC – The best free JavaME IRC Client

  2. [...] PS: Alternatively you can try this solution for running J2ME/JavaME in your Windows Mobile PDATechnorati Tags: pocketpc, pocket pc, pda, j2me, mobile, java, javame Bookmark this post :These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. [...]

  3. sebelum ni windows mobile tak boleh laksanakan midlet secara default?

  4. Windows Mobile mmg takleh execute Midlet secara default (Palm je yang bleh) sebab Microsoft ‘monopoli’ suh orang guna teknologi .NET, tapi MIDlet solution lebih economical sebab banyak platform yang support MIDlet.

    jadi timbul 3rd party provider yang membolehkan MIDlet digunakan secara default. PDA Dopod dengan XDA bleh execute midlet secara default sebab diorang packagekan sekali dgn runtime. Kalau HP Ipaq memang takleh run midlet, kena install IBM Websphere ataupun Intent

  5. [...] Sometime over the last couple of days I decided I NEED a phone with a QUERTY keyboard. The N95 looks nice and all but I’m sick of trying to reply to emails with the phone keypad – to slow. But, I don’t want to lose the ability to run Twitteresce and Gmail and Google Maps and all the other cool JavaME apps… I had a look at a Treo, but it’s huge and the keyboard is too small… I kept hitting more than one letter at a time (big thumbs). After reading Nick’s review, the Dopod Pro sounds perfect… it’s now supported by Three’s X-Series plans and according to the website, you can get Planet 3 apps on it too (ebay, IM etc)… the n00bs in the 3 shop said you couldn’t. The only stickler would be the inability to run JavaME apps.. BUT then I found this: http://mobilepit.com/06/install-j2me…et-pc-pda.html So I think tomorrow I will see if I can upgrade to a Dopod Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread, heaps of good info here! __________________ the goatlady rants | coldfusion blog | stock icons | web design starfish | zombiecoder on standards [...]

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  7. Use Esmrtec. It’s great & support JSR-75 too. to find it just search esmertec. U can find that in http://forum.xda-developer.com

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