Oct 122012

Seems like the Google Galaxy Nexus will be back on US market since US court has overturned the injuction ban on selling Galaxy Nexus on US Market.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is considered as a highly customize-able phone because of its open nature and support from Google Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Nexus devices are usually highly sought by enthusiasts because it usually the first line of phone to receive official ROM updates directly from Google.

Oct 122012

One of CyanogenMod developers has announced that the latest patch will feature Circle Battery Indicator, which represents battery status more accurately than the stock Jelly Bean release.

circle battery indicator

The circle will change color according to battery level and the battery percentage is shown at the indicator. The indicator also includes charging animation in order to give enhanced visual feedback to the user.

Here are the full screenshot of a phone with the circle battery indicator enabled.

screenshot battery indicator

The changes is expected to be merged with the nightlies and made available next month. So check BBQLog for updates

Aug 282011

The Royal Malaysian Police (Selangor state) has released MyDistress – a mobile application for sending personal distress call to Malaysian Police. MyDistress can automatically detect the location of the distress call sender and notify nearby police station of the distress.

To use MyDistress, the user are required to register the application by providing full name, MyKad number and home address. MyDistress is available for iPhone (via iTunes store – Malaysia), Android (marketplace), Blackberry and JavaME (*.jar)

Aug 192011

It seems that the German court has lifted Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ bans from European Union after it was discovered that the evidence presented by Apple Lawyers are flawed, specifically the aspect ratio of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ image was mistakenly represented as closer to Apple’s Ipad 2, which violates Apple Intellectual Property rights.

The flawed evidence has given Samsung the rights to market Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ in European Union, except in Germany, where the court over there would hear a full hearing to that matter beginning on 25 August 2011.

My thoughts: Apple has all the rights to protect its intellectual property, including protecting its interests from imitation. However, the use of patents to curb competition can be seen as unhealthy as it could adversely affect innovation and consumer choice.

Aug 172011

As we all know, the Android is similar to JavaME because both runs on Java platform . However instead of executing the classfiles, Android add the extra step of converting the Java bytecode into alternative instruction set used by (into *.dex) Dalvik Virtual Machine, which makes it unable to run Java classfile (*.jar) normally used by JavaME.

Luckily, some brave soul has provided phoneME implementation for Android, which in turn enable users to execute Java MIDlet in Android. phoneME for Android can be downloaded from its website: http://davy.preuveneers.be/phoneme/?q=node/10#android

phoneme screenshot phoneme screenshot phoneme screenshot

What you need to do is to download phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP or phoneME Advanced – Foundation Profile + MIDP High Resolution (240×320). The midlet manager provided with the distribution requires OpenIntents File Manager, which is used to browse for midlet *.jad or *.jar file.

So far, almost all core MIDP 2.0 functionality is available from the phoneME *.apk. The only incompatibilities arises from midlets that use optional JSR, which usually causes midlet manager to crash.

Aug 172011

Google has released Honeycomb (3.1), which is designed for tablet computer in mind. Honeycomb comes with redesigned UI framework that helps developers create application with portable user-interface across devices that have different screen sizes and orientation.

The video detailed about UI design best practices for developers:



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